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Ages – 3-4 yrs.

Classes offer participants an opportunity to improve basic gross and fine motor skills in a fun atmosphere. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of gymnastics on tot-sized equipment.


Ages – 3-4 yrs.

Classes begin teaching basic skill progression and terminology for our advanced Tiny Tots. Participants will continue skills learned in Tiny Tots classes while learning new skills on all tot-sized apparatus.


Ages – 3-4 yrs.

Firecrackers classes are for students who have been in Super Star Tots for more than 6 months. This class will continue teaching basic skill progressions and gymnastics terminology while preparing the pre-school gymnast for transition into our Progressive classes. Participants will continue skills learned in Super Star Tots classes while learning new skills on tot-sized equipment and modified standard equipment.


Young Basics and Beginners classes teach the same skills but are split based on age of the child for coaching purposes and developmental stages. Both of these classes teach students the fundamentals of the sport. We follow USAG recommendations for skill progressions for Level 1 on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. These classes are designed for the student with little to no gymnastics experience. Participants have the option of registering for class once a week or twice a week. Fee remains the same per class.


Ages – 5 yrs. and older

This class follows USAG recommendations for skill progression of level 2. Gymnasts will progress the skills learned in previous classes as well as, develop new skills in all events. The gymnast must have advanced from Young Basics or Beginners or have an evaluation by a YMCA gymnastics instructor to register for this class.


Ages – 5 yrs. and older

This class builds on the fundamentals of gymnastics from Young Basics or Beginners. We follow USAG recommendations for skill progressions. Students will fine tune skills on balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise. Participants must advance from Young Basics or Beginners OR be evaluated by a YMCA Gymnastics instructor.


    Ages - 5 yrs. and older

    Gymnasts in this class are mastering USAG Level 2 skills. This level is learning skills of the Level 2 routines without the emphasis of competition. Gymnasts MUST have advanced from the Advanced Gymnastics class OR have been evaluated by a YMCA Gymnastics instructor to register for this class.


    Ages - 5 yrs. and older

    Non-Competitive L3-L9 options are also available. This option is available for participants who want to advance their gymnastics skills but are not interested in competitive gymnastics. Placement in L3-L9 Non- Competitive classes must be determined by the Gymnastics Program Coordinator.


    Ages - 6 yrs. and older

    Team placement is based on ability, not age. The YMCA gymnastics team has held top honors in state and national level competitions. Currently our level 3, 4, 7, and 8 teams hold first place titles from our regional championship meets.

    The prerequisites for Competitive Levels are:

    • Evaluation and placement by a YMCA gymnastics instructor
    • A current YMCA member
    • Payments made through draft
  • Youth Gymnastics at the YMCA Mt Vernon